The African Mango

African mango is a fruit that is indigenous to places like Nigeria, DR Congo, northern tip of Angola, south-western Uganda, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Côte d’Ivoire which have humid forest temperature. The tree can grow up to 500 meters and is supported by temperature of about 20  to 38 degrees C. Millions of people around the world are today making use of the products of this mango in taking care of weight loss.
The nut of the African mango is often referred to as “dikka nuts” has a lot of health benefits. Irvingia gabonensis is the key ingredient that is found in mango and it is found to be a natural appetite suppressant and excellent fat burner. The fruit contains high fiber contents that can be used as laxatives that most people use in taking care of waste elimination. The extract of the African mango can be used in delaying the emptying of the stomach. A friend of mine over at a Plumbing Company in Smyrna GA was on this diet for a while and said that it helped to lose weight, just by eating the fruit. The benefit of the fruit is so huge that it can be used in bringing down the blood sugar level.
People who are obese can make use of it in the lowering of cholesterol level. Inflammation can be caused due to high cholesterol that eating the fruit can easily handle Continue reading “The African Mango”

Is the African Mango Diet a scam?

When Dr. OZ first introduced African mango to the public, this dieting breakthrough has instantly gained popularity. Though lots of people believed that this product would be an instant hit, there are also people who are not sure about it. Some people considered African mango diet as a scam.

Well, there are indeed scams available out there, however, not all new diet programs like the African Mango Diet scams are bad. One guy I know who owns immigration lawyer Gwinnett says that this is definitely a scam. As a matter of fact, this diet program has been supported by science and plausible claims. It just happen that African mango was given a boost and endorsement by Dr. Oz. Unwanted pounds will be easily eliminated by this wonder fruit, a statement delivered by Dr. Oz during a segment about the fruit. A person will be healthier if he or she makes use of this wonder fruit. Those strong statements were delivered by celebrity host and legitimate medical expert.

What is special about this fruit anyway? The answer to that question is the fact that African mango, both its fruit and seeds contain the necessary enzymes and health benefits that could aid in losing weight. But generally, African mango diet pills mostly contain the extract of African mango seeds. African mango seeds are found to have the properties of reducing the LDL/low density lipoproteins as well as triglycerides. Moreover, the seeds are also effective Continue reading “Is the African Mango Diet a scam?”

African Mango Diet

Welcome to  our blog about african mangos and other fruits that are derived out of africa. Here is a quick video of mangos.

The African mango seems to be another item in the market. It is no longer just a fruit from Cameroon but, a weight loss product as well. The special mango is praised for its weight loss benefits and nutrients. According to theory, its fat-lowering property can improve everyone’s waistline. Whether or not it is an effective weight loss, product is still a matter of controversy.

The mango is not any mango grown in Africa. It is very rare and can only be found in Cameroon. After claims about its weight loss properties, it became popular in the United States and other western countries. My friend over at Atlanta Gutter Pros tried it and had some success. According to reports, the Africans have long consumed this fruit. In the native land of Africa, this native fruit is called Dikka Nuts. The Africans use its extract because they believe it has special healing properties.

How does this native mango cause weight loss?

The mango contains components that hasten the metabolism of the body. Metabolism is the process of using up the body’s energy reserves. However, this process can be hampered by the presence of unwanted chemicals and toxins in the body. According to claims, the extract from the native mango can eliminate Continue reading “African Mango Diet”